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    Learn How To Create A Custom Sideboard And Save Over $2000

    Unlock the potential of DIY to save you thousands of dollars on a custom sideboard! When I was looking for a sideboard, I would spend hours perusing the internet trying to score a deal. I could never find what I was looking for price wise and decided to build it myself. Here is how you do it!

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        What’s Inside?

        1 – Introduction

        • Learn about all of the supplies need to create a custom sideboard so you can go into a store and know exactly what you need to look for…
        • Understand that customization is encouraged because DIY is all about getting exactly what you want for a lower price…

          2 – Power Tools & Safety

          • Learn about each of the tools necessary to build a custom sideboard using stock kitchen wall cabinets…
          • Understand how to use each of the tools safely so that you can feel confident while completing your DIY project…

            3 – Assembly

            • Develop the knowledge required to assemble your custom sideboard, joining two cabinets together to get that signature sideboard length…
            • Learn how to fill all of the gaps to create a solid piece of furniture that will last for the years to come…

              4 – Molding

              • Learn about chair molding and how it can upgrade the entire look of your custom sideboard…
              • Gain the knowledge needed to install your chair molding using a miter saw and wood glue…

                5 – Staining

                • Upgrade your sideboard by getting that fully custom look through the power of staining…
                • Learn not 1 but 2 methods to stain your custom sideboard…

                  6 – Finishing Touches

                  • Understand all of the finishing touches that will bring your sideboard to completion…
                  • Learn how to install cabinet hardware and replace your hinges with soft close hinges…

                    7 – Conclusion

                    • Summarizes everything you’ve learned in this course to create your one of a kind custom sideboard…
                    • Learn how to decorate and style your sideboard so that it can be used to it’s full potential…

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Who is this course for?

                      This course is for anyone that wants to learn how to save money and an amazing custom sideboard! Learn how to create your sideboard for less than $400!

                      Why is learning about this DIY important?

                      DIY really can save you a lot of money! That’s really why I got started doing DIY’s is because it seemed like every project I had someone bid on was extremely over priced. I looked online at sideboards and realized I could make one for less than a quarter of the price. For free, you can learn how to save over $2000!

                      Why should I listen to you? Who are you?

                      My name is Nicole Francis! I’m a former elementary educator who stopped teaching to be at home with my children. I’ve gone from about 8k followers on Instagram to 110k since January 2021 due to my self taught DIY projects. On TikTok I have over 140k followers due to similar content.

                      You don’t have to listen to me, but picking up power tools has been the single greatest investment that I have made in my personal life. DIY projects alone have increased our home value by over 50% including this sideboard project.

                      What will I learn in this course?

                      In this course you will learn exactly how to build the sideboard I have in my own home! You will learn how to assemble, install moulding, stain, and put the finishing touches on your very own sideboard.

                      This must be expensive right?

                      No, it’s usually $9.99 but today it’s free!

                      Most online courses are like $50 or $100! Why is yours less?

                      I wanted to offer an introductory course that anyone could use to get started in DIY! I know that DIY has been life changing for me and I want to allow as many people as possible to get started with DIY. This sideboard project has been my favorite project to date and I felt so accomplished when I completed it all on my own, I want you to feel the exact same way as me without having to pay a ridiculous price!

                      What do I do next if I want to enroll?

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                      Unlock How to Build a Custom Sideboard Today!

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                        Backsplash in the Butlers Pantry!

                        Hey Nicole!

                        Welcome to Upgrade Your Builder-Grade!: a weekly newsletter full of inspiring ideas and insights on how to transform your home into a modern day farmhouse!

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                        1776 Faux Farmhouse

                        6 Steps To Install Window Casing

                        As part of Little Man’s nursery project, we had to case his window. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been slowly but surely been casing each of the windows in my home. I’ve always loved the timeless look that window casing provides! Casing your windows is an easy DIY project that can be accomplished and will instantly upgrade the appearance of your home.

                        Sneak Peek

                        We have been working quite a bit on the butler’s pantry this weekend and everything is almost ready for the big reveal! As you can see in the video above, we installed the countertop to ceiling backsplash. This tile was sooooo much easier to install than my herringbone kitchen tile (if you’re interested in that blog post see it here!). We also tried out a different product for the install compared to our kitchen that had some pros and cons that I will explain below in my product review section of this email! We spent the evening Friday, and pretty much all day Saturday getting everything finished. The last step for the butler’s pantry is to install floating shelves in the area of the backsplash. 

                        From Around

                        The Death of Open Floor Plans, Maximalism over Minimalism, And 8 Other Home Trends Predicted For 2022 (That Experts Are Actually Pretty Torn Over)

                        This article was pretty interesting, since as I was checking out home trends for 2022 I kept seeing a lot of contradicting opinions. Here are some of the trends that were picked out as being in contention:

                        • Open Floor Plans: The experts were split on this one right down the middle. Open floor plans is basically how we live and isn’t really a trend anymore, however, the need for separate spaces (like an office) has become fairly apparent with working from home during the pandemic.
                        • Bright, Light-Hued Kitchens: Again, experts were split on this one. Most could still see the appeal though of white kitchens to enhance the feeling of space in smaller rentals.
                        • Leather Furniture: Experts thought leather furniture was in because of covid babies combined with the ease of cleaning. The natural neutral colors also tend to work well in most homes.
                        7 Bedroom Trends From Decades Past That Need to Make a Comeback, According to Designers

                        Some of these trends I could agree with, while others I wasn’t too keen on. Here are some of the interesting trends highlighted:

                        • Clean lines and cream tones: This one I agree with! They should make a comeback because the earthy wood tones and clean lines make for a soothing, grounding sleep space.
                        • Jewel tones: This one had me scratching my head, all I could think about was my great grandparents home. The reasoning is that this style fits well with the trending maximalist approach to décor. 
                        • Minimalist beds and bedding: I’m sure Michael would love this one! The idea is that it helps declutter and achieve a calming space.

                        Product Review

                        MusselBound Tile Adhesive Mat

                        When we did our kitchen tile we used Bondera Tile Mat from Home Depot and while it was a great product compared to doing it manually it had it’s difficulties, mainly in the way of being hard to remove if you set it wrong and ruining the scissors we used to cut the pieces to the correct sizes. 

                        The MusselBound Tile mat in comparison was super easy to install. If you mess up and place the piece in a slightly wrong position it comes off fairly easy (in comparison to Bondera). It was also very easy to cut in comparison to Bondera, and this time we didn’t ruin any scissors. 

                        Where the product had a some difficulties was with small tile pieces, they didn’t seem to bind as well as the large pieces. Also, if you have any dust or your tile is wet in any way (from a tile saw) then the tile will not set properly. We learned this the hard way after a couple of pieces failed to stick properly. An important tip is to use a blow dryer to dry off every piece of tile thoroughly. 

                        All in all I would still say we liked this product better than Bondera but you just have to be a bit careful with certain parts, just like Bondera. Ultimately, Michael is just glad he didn’t have to mortar!


                        “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

                        – Steve Jobs

                        Thanks for reading this weeks edition of upgrade your builder grade! Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions or if I can help with your projects in any way!