Plans for DIYers

Custom Sideboard Plans

Unlock the potential of DIY to save you thousands of dollars on a custom sideboard! When I was looking for a sideboard, I would spend hours perusing the internet trying to score a deal. I could never find what I was looking for price wise and decided to build it myself. Here is how you do it! Click here to learn more about the custom sideboard plans!

Courses for DIYers

How to Build a Custom Sideboard!

Learn about all of the supplies need to create a custom sideboard so you can go into a store and know exactly what you need to look for… Understand that customization is encouraged because DIY is all about getting exactly what you want for a lower price. Develop the knowledge required to assemble your custom sideboard, joining two cabinets together to get that signature sideboard length. Learn how to fill all of the gaps to create a solid piece of furniture that will last for the years to come! To learn more about the course click here!

Intro to Power Tools!

This course is designed as a beginner-level course on power tools. When I started doing DIY projects, I was super intimidated by some of the power tools, and I don’t want any of you to fell like I did! In this course we will cover purchasing power tools, drills & impact drivers, miter saw, finishing nailers and other pneumatic tools, circular saws, multi-tools, jigsaws, sawmills, and other specialty tools. In each section of this course, we will go over an introduction to the tool, tool recommendations, what the tool is, when to use the specific too, how to use the tool, and project recommendations that the power tool can be used for! To learn more about this course, click here!